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Preventing Head Injuries


There is absolutely no way that you can ever protect your child from being injured, no matter how much you wish it, so that being said, you just have to take reasonable precautions when they are young, and teach them responsibility for their actions as they get older.

Preventing head injuries is impossible too, but there are some things you can do to help prevent problems before they arise, so make sure that:

* Your home is as child proofed as possible to prevent injuries at home.

* Your children wear the appropriate safety head wear for all sports, like biking, skiing, skating, skateboarding etc. Did you know that if your child wears a bike helmet when they are out cycling, then they can reduce the risk of receiving a concussion by about 80%? Surely that's worth doing?

* Your children always use seat belts in a vehicle, and when young use the appropriate booster seat, or baby carrier.

* If your child has a concussion, make sure they rest sufficiently afterwards so that the brain can heal fully, and do not risk re-injuring the brain.

* Remember to set good examples of no drinking and driving, and no drugs while driving either.

* Make sure the bathroom has non slip mats.

* If you have seniors at home, make the place as tidy and free of clutter as possible, so there is less chance of them tripping and getting a head injury.

* For children, make sure the windows have guards that will stop the child falling out. Every year there seem to be more of these preventable accidents.

* Make sure you use safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases when you have youngsters around.

* If you have pets, make sure they are trained to stay away from your feet when you are walking.

* If you have a home playground, make sure the surface is made of shock absorbing material like mulch or sand.

* Teach your family about safety, and why you do certain things certain ways to prevent injury

Take great care of yourself, and good luck trying to prevent head injuries. You will be unable to prevent all accidents, but at least if you follow the list above, you will have tried to prevent as many as you can.